Saturday, 24 November 2012

Add Floating Feedback Tab To Blogger

Feedback from users is most important thing for any blogger. Feedback from users helps to improve your blog.Actually this widget was Ollie Rattue.It floats left side of your blog.It sends feedback directly into your inbox. No need to registration no login. That's why I am sharing this widget with you....

How to Root and Un-Root Android mobiles and devices in One Click

unlike previous methods, rooting an android mobile is just a matter of clicks. I hope you know that superuser or Rooted android devices perform much faster than at factory settings because it is freed from the limitations of device manufacturers. You can also check the 5 reasons to boot your android mobiles and features like Improved Performance, Options and applications choices.
With the help of this post i’ll demonstrate How to Root and Un-Root Android mobilesand devices in One Click with the help of 3rd party app One Click Lag Fix. (You can also search “One Click Lag Fix” on android market)
Note: This app and process of rooting is tested on Samsung Galaxy S I9000

1. Install the applications as described above

a)Either install the apk file.

Friday, 23 November 2012

Rajnikanth Website doesnt require internet !

 As you all know about rajnikanth famous south superstar and his jokes and pj which are famous over interent but today i came across interesting site allaboutrajniwhich you can access only when  your internet connection is off else it show error  message. It contain rajnikanth jokes,stories,facts etc.

     1. Visit

Hack Gps Free Ebook

  • This is the "user manual" that didn't come with any of the 30 million GPS receivers currently in use, showing readers how to modify, tweak, and hack their GPS to take it to new levels!

New Facebook Chat Trick (totally awesome) l Cool Facebook Status, Chat Tricks and Tips

facebook chat codes facebook chat upside down facebook chat tricks italics facebook chat symbols facebook tricks facebook chat tricks bold facebook chat tricks 2012 facebook chat tricks superman

          Facebook has recently made changes to its chat features. Now we can use profile images in chat. You can even type anything in colour using a simple trick. You just need to know how to get facebook profile id which you will learn by reading this article Trick to find facebook profile id. Below are codes of A-Z and guide on how to use them in chat.

Simple Way To View Saved Password in Google Chrome

google chrome hacked
Previously i had showed you how to view saved password in google chrome. In this post i will show you same thing but with different method suggested by one of reader of Cool Hacking Trick name Palash. This trick is simple yet very powerfull  to view or hack saved password in google chrome. It does not  matter for which website the password is saved it will work on all of them. It will work on Facebook, Gmail, Yahoo, twitter and many more. If you get your hands on your friend computer  you can hack their password with this simple little trick. It does not require any software or addons to be installed on your computer. Lets get started.

Saturday, 17 November 2012

Windows 8 Pro Activator v1.0 Final (+ Windows 8 Personalization Enabler)

[Software INFO:]

Kaspersky Internet Security 2013 Working Keys Free Download

kaspersky internet security 2013 activation code kaspersky internet security 2013 keys kaspersky internet security 2012 kaspersky internet security 2013 serial key free download kaspersky internet security 2013 trial resetter kaspersky internet security 2013 free download full version with key kaspersky internet security 2013 key file for 1 year free download

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HOW to use keyfile :

Steps :

1. Open Kaspersky 2012 or 2013 License Manager (from lower right corner).

Download Windows XP Professional SP3 Original with Auto Driver

Windows XP Professional SP3 Original with Auto Driver | 700MB

Windows XP Professional Edition with Service Pack 3, you get safer browsingand communication,

How to Crack Internet Download Manager for Full Version

1. Download IDM from HERE.
2. Download the crack files from HERE.
3. Run the keygen.
4. Now close the IDM application and make it sure whether it is closed or not and in case it is running then close it now.
5. Now run patch file and that's it .
6. Enjoy the full version of IDM.

Get 120 followers on Twitter in 2minute(100% working tricks)

Tuesday, 13 November 2012


Internet Download Manager is most popular and most used download manager of  all time. Sometime ago we shared IDM 6.10 with patch and keygen. Today we’re giving you latest version 6.12 Final Build 20 Full And Free With Patch.
What’s new in Internet Download Manager 6.12 :
  • Fixed a bug in Chrome integration module. After IDM update, you will need to restart Google Chrome.
  • Fixed a critical bug
  • Fixed bugs when downloading youtube videos in Chrome browser
  • Fixed an erroneous interception of video from web-players in Google Chrome browser. After IDM update you will need to restart Google Chrome and agree with the installation of “IDM Integration” extension.
  • Added support for Firefox 17
  • Added support for Seamonkey 2.12 and 2.13

Pop up window for blogger

Popup window is an extra window it's open in load on page or click on mouse and many other type now we will learn how to add click on mouse open popup window in blogger.

Pop up window is very use full for any important page show to viewers .

Click below Images for help with Screen short


Make Your Facebook Magic Comment Code

Hello Friends! Now days you are seeing Magic status in Facebook are very popular. Everyone are shocked how does it work. Actually this is very old Trick, some people are very scared and say this is a virus or by doing this anyone can lose their account but don`t worry this is a simple script. so I here  telling you how it work 

Monday, 12 November 2012

how to add popup window in blogger

Popup window is an extra window it's open in load on page or click on mouse and many other type now we will learn how to add click on mouse open popup window in blogger.

Pop up window is very use full for any important page show to viewers .

Click below Images for help with Screen short


Adding Popup Ads on your Website, blogger (Blogspot)

  1. Login to your dashboard on
  2. Go to the Layout Tab (Design tab)
  3. Choose a Page Element
  4. Add Gadget, Choose HTML / JavaScript
  5. And Copy the code below into it
  6. Done

Sunday, 4 November 2012

Hack Facebook Id | Account | Password


Many of friends asking how to hack Facebook id .
As we all know Facebook is one of the world's best social networking site.
And many people are connected through Facebook and some time they are requiring to hack some other account for their personal purpose. 
Here We are explaining a simple an easy tutorial how to hack Facebook password. 

Avast! Internet Security 7.0.1426 Final Crack Untill 2050 ( mediafire )


Avast! Internet Security 7.0.1426 Final + Activation 2050 | 103.9 MBAvast! - Is well-known anti-virus is quite high. The developers of this virus have invested in it all their knowledge about anti-virus to create one of the best antivirus software. This antivirus program has united all the advanced technology and techniques to get the highest level of security on your computer. This product is ideal for all operating systems Windows. Avast carefully checks for viruses, memory, files, email, and besides that he is even able to cope with the macro virus. The algorithm for finding and removing viruses is the best among similar programs that

Free Download Avast Pro Antivirus 7 Crack ( till 2050 ) Mediafire Link


Avast Pro Antivirus 7 Crack is good antivirus software. Avast Pro has a striking interface and many practical features such as: 

  • WebRep - provides proactive link scanning with color-coded security reputation ratings on search results
  • SafeZone - an inside-out virtual desktop (sandbox) tool for discreet online shopping or banking
  • AutoSandbox - automatically opens suspicious applications in the protected virtual sandbox
  • Security Gadget - a small desktop widget for Windows 7 or Vista to help you stay up to date on your security status
Scope of Protection : 
Avast Pro Antivirus uses several layers of protection, keeping your PC and resources safe from several angles. With built-in protection from spyware, rootkits and Trojans, the software is equipped for all major security threats. The application includes protection from malware spread through email (by scanning both inbound and outbound messages), and it also has an integrated IM shield. Avast also includes specific protection for several popular P2P file-sharing applications.

Get 500 Twitter Follower In 3 Step

New to Twitter? No one cares about your farts and your profile looks whack because you have Zero followers? Let me help you to gain 500 twitter followers in one day.
Ever heard about the “special” autofollow option on twitter? Some people have it activated, which means if you follow them, they follow you back automatically.

  • Step 1: Follow everyone that @autofollowbacks is following (this’ll take you ~500 clicks)
  • Step 2: Wait for one day, because Twitter slows down this process (on purpose?)
  • Step 3: Unfollow all of ‘em – here we go – Suddenly your Twitter profile looks super popular and EVERY “Social Media Expert” will be impressed by your crazy marketing skills!!!!

Saturday, 3 November 2012

Get Free Recharge

Get Free 100/- Recharge

Untitled Document
Click on "1- Like" Button Below.
Step 3: Click The like Button Below *
Copy the below message and Share this onto your wall.

Then copy and paste the message Atleast 10 different "Groups" or on "Friends Wall":
Enter Your Name:
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Terms and Conditions

Thursday, 1 November 2012

Delete, Cancel and Terminate Facebook Account and Profile

Facebook is a popular social networking website comparable to MySpace. You may receive many invite requests from friends, coursemates, colleagues or family members to join Facebook to connect with them. So you join and sign up a Facebook account but think that may be a phone call is a much better way to bring relationship with friends closer or Facebook account has seriously invaded your privacy and security, you can easily terminate, delete or cancel Facebook account, together with the Facebook profile.

  1. Sign in to Facebook account.
  2. Click on Account link on the top right corner.

  3. On the “Settings” tab (click on Settings if you’re not already there), click on deactivate at the end of “Deactivate Account” line.
    Deactivate Facebook
  4. “Confirm Facebook Account Deactivation” page will load. Select one of the reasons why you want to delete your Facebook account, such as I don’t feel safe on the siteI spend too much time using FacebookI have another Facebook accountThis is temporary. I’ll be backI need to fix something in my accountI don’t understand how to use the siteI receive too many emails from FacebookI don’t find Facebook useful or Facebook is resulting in social drama for me. If you have some special reason on why you want to terminate your Facebook account not listed in the list, click on Other and type in your own explanation in the text box provided.
    Confirm Facebook Deactivation
  5. If you no longer want to receive any invite, notification of friend requests, tag in photos, or ask you to join groups from Facebook, click and tick the check box of Opt out of receiving emails from Facebook. option to opt out and NOT receive these email invitations and notifications from your friends.
  6. Click on Deactivate button.
  7. Once the Facebook account is deactivated, the following message will appear:
    Your Facebook account has been deactivated.
    To reactivate your account, simply log in as you normally would, and we’ll send you a reactivation email.
    Come back soon,
    The Facebook Team
  8. Now your Facebook account is deactivated, but still can be reactivated. So do not attempt to login with to your Facebook account anymore, as doing so will reactivate your account if you click on the reactivation confirmation link sent to your registered email. According to Facebook Privacy Policy, removed information may persist in backup copies for a reasonable period of time but will not be generally available to members of Facebook. So probably wait for a few months or years before attempting to login to verify that all your information is cleaned.
Although can be reactivated and restore your profile in its entirety (friends, photos, interests, etc), deactivation works to completely remove your profile and all associated content on your account from Facebook. In addition, users will not be able to search for you or view any of your information.
Facebook account deletion with no recovery option is slightly different procedure. Here’s how to delete Facebook account.

How To Get Facebook On Your Desktop

are desktop applications that allows you interact with your stream just as you would on Facebook, but without the browser.

How To Create A Photo Collage Using Pictures Of Your Facebook Friends

facebook photo collage
Here’s a small little trick in Facebook that allows you to create a grid view or photo collage out of your friends list. This is how I do it:
  1. Click on Friends tab.
  2. Proceed to More tab.
  3. From "Choose an option" dropdown, choose any of the dashes ""
    create facebook photo collage
Photos of all your friends will be displayed, each in 50×50 pixels forming a grid view. Have fun.

How To "Friend" Someone On Facebook & Hide It From Your Status Updates

A short tutorial on Makeuseof to guide you how to hide Facebook status updates and keep that fact confined to your closer friends.

How To Schedule Facebook Messages

Sendible lets you schedule Facebook messages ahead of time so you can send messages to your friends, customers or colleagues in the future.

How To Update Facebook Without Using Facebook

hellotxt and both introduced features that let Facebook administrators update Facebook Pages.

How To Share Flickr Photos To Facebook

Flickr2Facebook is an unofficial Flickr to Facebook uploader(bookmarklet) which allows you upload photos to Facebook from Flickr.

How To Download Facebook Photo Albums

FacePAD: Facebook Photo Album Downloader allows you to download your friends’ facebook albums, Events albums, and Group Albums, en masse, with the click of a button.

How To Place Facebook Chat On Firefox Sidebar

facebook chat
Facebook Chat is cool, at least it allows you to send instant messages to online Facebook contacts. However I’m not really a fan of the chat bar being at the bottom of the page, what if I’ve left Facebook but still wants to remain chatting with my Facebook contacts? If you are using Firefox, you can place the Facebook Chat at the sidebar.

Step 1

Look for Bookmarks on the top navigation. Select Organize Bookmarks…
facebook chat

Step 2

Click New Bookmark... tab and enter the following:
  • Name: Facebook Chat
  • Location:
  • Check Load this bookmark in sidebar.

Step 3

Launch the Firefox sidebar, click Facebook Chat and start chatting with your Facebook contacts within Firefox.