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Download Free Jazzy B ft. Honey Singh - This Party Gettin Hot (Out Now) lThis Party Gettin Hot | Jazzy B | Yo Yo Honey Singh | Official Full Music Video

This Party Gettin Hot | Jazzy B | Yo Yo Honey Singh | Official Full Music Video

Jazzy B - The Crown Prince Of Bhangra All Set To Launch The New Party Anthem along with the award winning music producer Yo Yo Honey Singh!
This Christmas Jazzy B will be launching a new single and for the first time he is collaborating with Yo Yo Honey Singh. The teaser of the song will premiere on his YouTube Channel on 18th December followed by the music video premiere on YouTube and subsequently across leading music channels. The track has been specially conceptualized for this festival season and thus titled This Party Gettin Hot.
"I have always wanted to do a collaboration with Jazzy B and today when the track is ready, I can proudly say that my dream has come true. This is one of the best tracks produced by me in recent times and without any doubts is going to become the official party anthem worldwide" says Yo Yo Honey Singh.
The music videos featuring Jazzy B have always been known for its scale and quality and in continuation of that he has taken the new video to the next level. The teaser for the song has been shot in the landscape of Rajasthan desert featuring both Jazzy B and Yo Yo Honey Singh while the music video has been shot in Mumbai.
"Honey and me have been working on this single since quite some time and after checking out the final track and the video all I have to say is that this Christmas Santa is not going to say Ho Ho instead it will be Jazzy B & Yo Yo " says Jazzy B
With the aim of bringing the video to the fan base across the globe at the same time Jazzy B has decided to premiere the video on YouTube. While the single is being distributed in India by Speed Records, all other territories are being managed by Jazzy B Records.
"We are really excited to bring this BIG release to the music lovers and are already looking forward for more future collaborations between both of them" say Dinesh Auluck and Anup Kumar in unison who head the management for Jazzy B and Yo Yo Honey Singh respectively.

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Birthday Wishes By Er Vikram Nath Chouhan

On this special day, I wish you all the very best, all the joy you can ever have and may you be blessed abundantly today, tomorrow and the days to come! May you have a fantastic birthday and many more to come... HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!. 

Er Vikram Nath Chouhan
Web Developer & Designer
Udaipur , India


Download MP3 file from YouTube without using any Software

Many of us might be wondering to know the trick to download mp3 file from YouTube.  In this post I will try to explain how it can be done in very simple steps
1.  Open the browser and go to the video that has to be converted to MP3 format in YouTube
2.  Copy the link on the browser

Crack Any Software And Run The Trial Version Forever?

Are you using any trial version software which is just too awesome but nearing its expiry and unable to find ways to crack it?

Here is a trick to crack any software and run the trial version forever just in a couple of minutes.

Hide Facebook Profile – How to secure Facebook Profile in Google Search?

Facebook is one of the largest Social Networking Site in the world.  It is used by 1 out of every 13 people around the world.  People use Facebook for sharing Videos, Pictures, Personal Information etc. with their Friends.  So privacy is must and for that Facebook has added lot of Privacy Settings.
In this article we are going to learn - How to Hide Facebook Profile in Google Search?
Hide Facebook profile Hide Facebook Profile   How to secure Facebook Profile in Google Search?

Easy YouTube Video Downloader 6.2 add-on for Firefox is now available for download

-  It works directly within the page thus making it more users friendly.
Youtube downloader Easy YouTube Video Downloader 6.2 add on for Firefox is now available for download
-  Easy YouTube Video Downloader not only downloads file but also converts them to high quality M4A, AAC, MP3, MP4, FLV and MPEG 

increase Firefox browser speed?

There is a huge competition among browsers like IE, Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox but Mozilla Firefox stands out leaving its opponent’s way behind.  One of the main reasons is the way it runs scripts like JavaScript, Ajax etc. with ease and without crashing.

Firefox speed1 How to increase Firefox browser speed?
Even I have been using Firefox for long but at times I find it very slow compared to Google Chrome.  So, I have started using Google Chrome for browsing normal sites and Firefox for browsing

How can you make money on YouTube?

how do you earn money from youtube can you make a playlist on youtube how much money can you make on ei can youtube make you famous how much money can you make on chacha how much money can you make on youtube per view how much money do you make per view on youtube how much does philip defranco make
There are too many People who are making a huge amount of money on YouTube and the number has increased a lot in past two years.  Thanks to YouTube Partner Program.

How can you make money on Youtube?

Becoming a YouTube Partner is a difficult challenge which can be achieved if we start doing things the right way.  In this article I will explain the steps to Make Money on YouTube in a very simple way.

Sign-up for your YouTube account

Create your own YouTube account with your correct information.  Make the account name short and interesting.  It will help your visitors remember you, so they need not go to Google to search.  Also, don’t change your account again and again.

Add your videos

Many of us might be questioning what kind of videos can be recorded and uploaded?
  • The answer is simple you can shoot and upload anything, whenever you find something interesting which attracts you and people around you then just shoot it (Ex: You can shoot a baby singing or dancing), use some video tools like Ezvid to make it really cool and then upload it to YouTube.
  • While uploading the video always ensure that the title is relevant to the video uploaded as visitors always go by the title and they might get disappointed if the video is irrelevant.
  • Quality of videos have to be really good as no one will prefer to watch a video which is not clear or of bad quality.  Visitors even get attracted to the quality of video so always upload a better quality video.
  • Keep on uploading videos on a regular basis (at least 2 every week)
  • Try to record videos which can be very useful for others and can bring a lot of visitors
Note: Never upload anything which doesn’t belong to you, if YouTube finds any such video you will be directly kicked from the Partnership Program.  Click HERE to know more about it.

Advertise and attract audience

There are some criteria for becoming YouTube Partner.  You should have:
Minimum 1,000 subscribers
Minimum 10,000 channel views and
Minimum 1,000 views on all videos of yours
In order to meet these criteria you should have enough of visitors and to attract visitor’s advertisement is must.
Now let’s see how can we advertise our videos?
  • We can make use of Social Media like Facebook, Twitter etc. for sharing our videos
  • We can add our video link on blogs or forums which is related to our video along with an appropriate comment so that the readers will be tempted to look into your video
  • You can even share your video on other video sharing sites
  • Add proper keywords and titles so it gets on top during video search

Become a YouTube partner

Once you meet all the criteria provided above, then you can go ahead and apply for YouTube Partner Program

Sign-up for Google Adsense

Once your request for YouTube Partner Program gets approved you can then start monetizing.  So for that you will require a Google Adsense account which can be created from HERE.  You should be above 18 to create an Adsense Account.
You will be paid for every click made by the visitors on the ads displayed on the videos.  So more the visitors more is the chance of making money.
Note: Never promote or ask your friends to click on the ads else you will be banned by Google.
People always make the mistake of directly applying for YouTube Partner at the start itself which ends up in rejection.  So first start following the procedures given above and try to fulfill all the criteria and then try to apply for YouTube Partner.  It will take some time but your hard work will never go waste.
Little bit of Patience and Hard Work can make you really SUCCESSFUL.
Good Luck!!!

Nеw Microsoft Office 2013 Free Download

Microsoft Office 2013 іѕ thе latest office suite and it will be available wіth thе new operating system Windows 8. Thіѕ version hаѕ evolved wіth numerous improvements оvеr earlier versions оf thе Microsoft Office package. It offers а Metro-UI, thе default interface оn Windows Phone 8 аnd thе Windows 8 operating system. Office 2013 іѕ аlѕо called Office 15 whеrе ’15′ denotes thе version number аnd nоt thе year оf release.
Unlike previous versions, Office 2013 introduces mаnу significant changes.

Data plan of Airtel 3G l Airtel 3G Data Card Price-Plans-Tariff - Prepaid Postpaid India

airtel 3g data card plans airtel mobile 3g data plans aircel 3g data plan vodafone 3g data plan bsnl 3g data plan airtel 3g data card airtel 3g tariff docomo 3g data plan

Everyone prefers 3G because of awesome download speed and superfast browsing.  But a normal person can’t afford it as 3G data plans are bit expensive.
I was using Vodafone 3G wherein I used to get 1Gb data limit for 250 Rupees on first recharge in every new SIM and there after I will have to pay double the amount to get the same service.  So I used to change my SIM card every month just to avail the 3G service which was soo irritating.
Recently I got an SMS in my Airtel number about the Airtel 3G plans wherein they were providing 1GB data limit for the same 250 Rupees but here I can avail the same facility without changing my SIM.  So I started using Airtel 3G and soo far am very happy with its performance.  Listed below is the updated 3G data plan of Airtel

Data Plan of Airtel 3G 2012:

8 Rupees :10 MB data limit, Post 10 MB : 3p/10kb (Validity : 1 day)
41 Rupees :150 MB data limit, Post 150 MB : 3p/10kb (Validity : 7 days)
101 Rupees :300 MB data limit, Post 300 MB : 3p/10kb (Validity : 30 days)
252 Rupees :1 GB data limit, Post 1 GB : 3p/10kb (Validity : 30 days)
450 Rupees :2 GB data limit, Post 2 GB : 3p/10kb (Validity : 30 days)
750 Rupees :4 GB data limit, Post 4 GB : 3p/10kb (Validity : 30 days)
1500 Rupees :10 GB data limit, Post 10 GB : 3p/10kb (Validity : 30 days)

How to activate Airtel 3G?

Type 3G and send it to 121 (To start 3G service in your Airtel mobile)
Once the service is activated you will receive a message confirming it along with the option to select the plan.
Now just select the plan that suits your need and start fast browsing!!!

Evaluation version of Windows 8 available for download Free

Microsoft also offers Windows 8 Trial version mainly for developers and also for users.  So now we can try this New Platform before switching to the Full Version of Windows 8.  It is a 90 days trial version which can’t be upgraded to

Add Facebook Like Button Below Post Titles

This Facebook Like button allow users to Like your post and share it to their Facebook friends. If you want to add the Facebook Like Button below your blogger post title, then follow these steps:

Adding facebook like button below post titles

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Download Internet Explorer 10 Release Preview

Old days are gone! The all new IE 10 is the browser for Windows 7. Don’t just believe us, try it out. Download release preview : Click Here To Download Internet Explorer 10


Secure Your Facebook AccountFacebook Hacking and scams are growing more and more nowadays and many accounts getting hacked everyday, So we have to protect it from hackers and friends who trying to hack our FB account. Making your Facebook account secure is not a difficult thing, You simply need to follow this easy steps here and you’re safe. 
Follow the steps below to make your facebook account secure :
  • Use Strong Password For Your Account. Atleast 8-10 Characters Long And Mixed Of Uppercase, Lowercase, Symbols And Numbers.
  • Never Use Your Mobile No. Or Routine Word as a Password.


Here Are Working Balance Transfer Tricks For All Mobile Networks.
Airtel Balance TransferAirtel : 
To Transfer Balance In Airtel Just Dial *141# And Follow The Onscreen Instructions.
You Can Transfer From 5 To 30 Rupees Of Balance In Airtel.

Tata Docomo Balance Transfer TrickTata Docomo :
To Transfer Balance In Tata Docomo SMS as BT MobileNumber Amount And Send It To 54321. 
E.g. BT 9876543210 30 To Transfer 30 Rupees Of Balance.

Idea Balance Transfer Trick
!dea :
To Transfer Balance In !dea Network Send SMS as GIVE MobileNumber Amount And Send It To 55567.
E.g. GIVE 9876543210 30 To Transfer 30 Rupees.

Vodafone Balance Transfer TrickVodafone :
To Transfer Balance In Vodafone Dial *131*Amount*Mobile No#
E.g. *131*50*9876543210# To Transfer 50 Rupees Of Balance.

Uninor Balance Transfer TrickUninor :
To Transfer Balance In Uninor Just Dial *202*MobileNumber*Amount#
E.g. *202*9876543210*30# To Transfer 30 Rupees.

Aircel Balance Transfer TrickAircel :
To Transfer Balance In Aircel Just Dial *122*666# And Follow The Instructions.
You Can Transfer 10,20 Or 100 Rupees Of Balance.

BSNL Balance Transfer TrickBSNL :
To Transfer Balance In BSNL Just Send SMS GIFT MobileNumber Amount To 53733.
E.g. GIFT 9876543210 50 To Transfer 50 Rupees Of Balance.


WinRAR is a lightweight, flexible, and easy-to-use archiving utility that can unpack most archive formats, as well as compress to both RAR and ZIP.WinRAR is a top dog in the compression category.
WinRAR’s interface is about as simple as it gets. Start creating (or add to) an archive by dragging and dropping your files into the interface or by browsing through the Folder Tree side panel (when enabled). From there, the most common functions are laid out in the form of colorful, mostly intuitive icons along the top, which can all be customized by downloading themes from the company’s Web site. You can Add files to, Extract, Test, Delete, or even

Create an Audio CD from Mp3 Files

Although the MP3 format becomes more and more popular, there are still some players that only play the old style of music CDs - The Audio CDs. Fortunately, even if we have to stick with Audio CDs, the MP3 technology is still very helpful: We can easily find and download MP3 files from the internet. However, it is a good practice to check the quality of the MP3 file you downloaded before copy it out to a CD. Many of those files are created with a very low quality.
The information below will step you through the process how to create an audio CD from your MP3 files. Sometimes, you find that music files on your computer are not always MP3 files but in different formats such as Windows Media Audio (WMA) or WAVE (WAV). The same process can still be used. If you still question why? In the past, the proper steps to copy MP3 files to an audio disc are first converting the MP3 files to the uncompressed WAVE format, then use the CD-copy software to make an audio CD from these WAVE files. However, most of current the CD-copy software have this conversion capability built-in, and so they can recognize MP3 files and some other audio formats.

Create a Data File or Mp3 CD/DVD

This trick provides information how to create a data or Mp3 CD/DVD. Creating (or sometimes called "burning") a CD/DVD with just regular files and folder (or "data") is simple and can be done with any burning program.
The method to create an MP3 CD/DVD is actually the same as for data CD/DVD since the mp3 files are considered as normal PC files. So you can follow the steps on this page to create an Mp3 CD.

Add Watermark to a Word Document

You can insert a watermark into a Microsoft Word document as either text or image.
Here is a sample Word Document with text watermark:

And here is an example of picture watermark:

Create Ghost Bootable SD Card or USB Flash Drive

It's a good practice to create an image of your hard drive before you start using it. Especially when you had to build that computer from scratch and spent hours installing the operating system and all of your favorite apps...

As Symantec Ghost becomes more user friendly, people start to recognize this idea. The idea also works well when you need to clean your PC from viruses. In case anything goes wrong with the operating system, you just need to restore the image using the Symantec bootable CD.

Burn a CD on Windows XP without using software

Windows XP comes with a builtin CD-copy feature that not many people are aware of. Although almost everyone has his/her favorite CD-copy software to stick with, it is still good to know about this CDR feature from Windows XP. You will find it very useful when you come to another PC that doesn't have a CD-copy software, and you can't just install your favorite software to it. With this feature, you can write some data or MP3 files to a CD/DVD, or erase a re-writable CD/DVD.
If you're using a Re-Writable CD (CD-RW), make sure the disc is blank. You might need to erase (or "format") it before use. For information how to erase a CD-RW on Windows XP without using any other software.
Requirements: You need to enable the CD-R feature on Windows XP. 
  1. Insert a Formated-ReWritable CD or a Recordable (CD-R) disc into the CD drive.

Internet Connection Sharing on Windows XP

This trick shows you how to share your internet connections on multiple computers within a workgroup with Windows XP. Windows XP has a built-in feature that called "Internet Connection Sharing" (ICS) that allows home users to share their internet connections on multiple computers.
If you are not familiar with the network configurations, the easiest way to share your internet connection is to purchase a router or hub. Use this trick only if you don't have a router, or don't want to use a router, or if you just want to try out the feature.
A simple way to understand this feature is, you are making your host computer (the computer directly connects to the internet) functioning as a router for other computers.

What do you need?

A "Host" computer that running Windows XP. This computer must have at least TWO (2) network adapters. One adapter - let's call it "Adapter #1" - connects to the internet and another, "Adapter #2", connects to a hub or directly to other computers.
Client computer(s), which run any version of Windows. A client computer can be connected to the host computer directly by a cross-over cable or indirectly through a hub.
This trick assumes that the host computer is connected to the internet and you are able to access the internet on this computer.

Configure the Host Computer

Logon the host computer as Administrator.
Click Start >> Control Panel.
Click Network and Internet Connections.
Click Network Connections.
Right-click the connection that you use to connect to the internet (the connection with Adapter #1). This connection can be either a high-speed internet connection or a dial-up connection.
Click Properties.
Click Advanced tab.
Under Internet Connection Sharing, select the Allow other network users to connect through this computer's Internet connection check box.
If you are sharing a dial-up Internet connection, select the Establish a dial-up connection whenever a computer on my network attempts to access the Internet check box if you want to permit your computer to automatically connect to the Internet.
Click OK. You'll reieve the following message:
When Internet Connection Sharing is enabled, your LAN adapter will be set to use IP address Your computer may lose connectivity with other computers on your network. If these other computers have static IP addresses, it is a good idea to set them to obtain their IP addresses automatically. Are you sure you want to enable Internet Connection Sharing?
Click Yes.

Configure the Client Computer(s)
To use the shared connection from the Host computer, a client computer must be configured with "Automatic IP address". The main configurations are:
Configure TCP/IP Automatic IP
Configure Internet Connection
The steps for the above two configurations are vary on different versions of Windows.
The following procedures are for Windows XP client computers.
Log on to the client computer as Administrator or as Owner.
Click Start >> Control Panel.
Click Network and Internet Connections.
Click Network Connections.
Right-click Local Area Connection, and then click Properties.
Click the General tab, click Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) in the This connection uses the following items list, and then click Properties.
In the Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) Properties dialog box, click Obtain an IP address automatically (if it is not already selected), and then click OK.

Click Start >> Control Panel
Click Network and Internet Connections.
Click Internet Options.
In the Internet Properties dialog box, click the Connections tab.
Click the Setup button. The New Connection Wizard starts.
On the Welcome to the New Connection Wizard page, click Next.
Click Connect to the Internet, and then click Next.
Click Set up my connection manually, and then click Next.
Click Connect using a broadband connection that is always on, and then click Next.
On the Completing the New Connection Wizard page, click Finish.
Exit Control Panel and test the internet. You might need to restart the computer.

Convert Any Document or Web Page to PDF

Somebody just told you that you need to have Adobe Acrobat (Writer) to create a PDF file? Guess what, you can get away from that pricey piece of software if you just need to convert some documents to pdf, without a need of fancy editing the pdf document.
Here's how. Thanks to the BullZip, who provides a Free Pdf printer. With this free tool, you can simply "print out" your document or webpage to a pdf file, just about the same way as you print it out to a printer.
You can visit for more information about the software.

Windows XP Secrets

Notepad Secrets
Create a log
  1. Open Notepad
  2. On the very first line, type in ".LOG" (without quotes) then press Enter for a new line
  3. Now you can type in some text if you want, then save the file.
  4. Next time when you open the file, notice its contents. Notepad automatically adds a time/date log everytime you open the file.
Text becomes unreadable